Practicing aquabiking

Aquabiking is attracting more and more followers. Whether it’s for fitness or just to spice up a wellness weekend, this pool sport has real therapeutic qualities.

Why Aquabiking?

Aquabiking, which is generally practiced in swimming pool, consists of pedaling in water on a bicycle without wheels. The machine is fixed to the bottom of the basin and can totally adapt to its user. Originally, the discipline was only practiced in institutes offering slimming programs. But immersion in water makes the body lighter and the efforts appear less physical. It allows to work gently lower postural muscles.

The aquabike, your ally of fitness

Adapted to former sportsmen as well as beginners who wish to resume a sporting activity, aquabiking saves the joints. It thus prevents many traumas related to cardio-training sports practiced outside. Key asset during a fitness stay, it is ideal for rapidly muscling the lower body. It is becoming more and more popular with the female audience thanks, in particular, to its actions on cellulite. Thanks to its non-traumatic virtues, aquabiking sessions are also offered for mild rehabilitation following an accident for example.

Aquabike during a wellness weekend in your hotel

The aquabike is very popular with spa therapists and balneotherapy enthusiasts. Non-aggressive, it is accessible to people of all ages and prevents joint-related diseases such as osteoarthritis or rheumatism. Seniors, pregnant women or simply tourists on vacation, this gentle sport is ideal to discover during a wellness weekend. Do not hesitate to come and practice it during a discovery session proposed by our spa hotel.