Your hotel in Divonne-les-Bains: discover the industrial heritage of Ain

During your stay at the hotel in Divonne-les-Bains, follow the footsteps of the textile and plastics industries. Take advantage of this opportunity to explorer the departmental roads, from north to south, between Oyonnax, Trévoux and Jujurieux to discover the industrial heritage of Ain.

From your hotel in Divonne-les-Bains, check out Plastics Vallée !

Discover the Plastics Valley, the leader region of the plastics industry. What’s better than the city of Oyonnax, nicknamed the city of combs to learn more about this industry. By visiting the comb museum, you will discover the practices around hair ornaments across countries and eras. More reason to visit it, the museum takes up residence in a steam factory classified historical building.

Diamond shines brightly in Trévoux south of your hotel in Divonne-les-bains

When you visit Trevoux, world town of diamond industry, enter the “Trevoux and its treasures” museum to discover the industry of the famous gemstone. The history of the Trévoux diamond began in the 19th century when a worker of the city succeeded in piercing the stone known to be hard as rock. From then on, magic operated and diamond wires were used in the manufacture of light bulbs, bicycle rays or electric cables.

Embark for the silks of Jujurieux, between history and tradition

Close to Trévoux stands Jujurieux, particularly known for its silk. Stop off at the Bonnet silk factory, the Museum of Industry and Silk. Through the exhibition “Trames de vie” and “Trames de soie”, you will discover the daily life of the residents of the factory. You will visit weaving workshops and observe Bonnet’s creations.

From the industrial heritage of the Ain to the culinary heritage, there is only one step

On your way back from your day full of discoveries, restore yourself in the restaurant of our hotel in Divonne-les-Bains. Our chef will serve you traditional, fresh and seasonal dishes. Enjoy your meal in a peaceful setting while enjoying the view of the huge lake bordering our restaurant.