Our spa hotel in the Jura, the meeting between relaxation and hiking

This summer, our hoteliers of the Villa du Lac will be pleased to welcome you in the region of Geneva, more precisely in Divonnes-les-Bains. Our Spa hotel in the Jura is the ideal starting point to enjoy the charms of the city in Geneva or Lausanne, but also activities in the wilderness. Follow us for hiking trails specially designed for you!

From our spa hotel in the Jura, a magnificent hike to the top of the Dôle.

This 14-kilometer stroll starts on the Saint-Cergue railway station at 1041 meters above sea level, less than 20 minutes from your Divonne-les-Bains Vacances Bleues hotel. You are a lover of walking, a regular but without being a great sportsman: this itinerary is ideal for you. The arrival point is at the Grivine, where you will enjoy a superb and impressive 360 ​​° view on Lake Geneva, Mont Blanc and the Jura mountains. Simply stunning. Plan the whole day to enjoy this sumptuous setting. To complete your day, come and relax in our spa and wellness area.

Close to our Spa hotel, discover Lausanne and its hikes.

Just 45 minutes from our establishment in Divonne-les-Bains, the city of Lausanne attracts lovers of the charms of town planning but also nature lovers. We propose here a simple, didactic and relaxing walk to realize in the wood of Jorat. For 9 kilometers you will discover all the secrets of Lausanne and its surroundings. If you want to know all the practical information, we invite you to visit the website of the tourist office of Lauzanne.

The Verbois ponds just a stone’s throw from our Spa hotel near Geneva.

Since you are lucky enough to stay in our Spa hotel near Geneva, take advantage of it to discover the peaceful ponds of Verbois, a few kilometers from Switzerland. From the Verbois Dam, this beautiful 7.3-kilometer trek takes less than three hours. You will walk along ponds, studded with ornithological observation posts, which will allow you to discover the innumerable birds that live there. You can also relax along the water along the Rhone. At the Allodon delta, you will make a loop by returning through the vineyard of Russin. A moment as restful as it is instructive.